Welcome to the Geoffrey Hutton Archive

                        This incredible collection of photo's, documents and memories covers life in Croydon, the British Army of the              Rhine, University College London, the Tavistock Clinic and trips abroad all between 1928-1959. 

eskdale youth hostel september 1946

Eskdale Youth Hostel September 1946.

As they once were...

Geoff, on the far right, with his Croydon schoolfriends; Maurice (in the white shorts), with John and Norman and Goldhawk behind them. They were on a walking holiday after leaving school in 1946, before joining National Service.

They had survived the doodle bug raids on Croydon in 1944 whilst they sat their O'levels and had started their time at Selhurst Grammar School in 1939 by being immediately evacuated to Brighton in September. An English childhood far removed from ours today.

Maurice, Norman and Geoff remained in touch on and off until their deaths, dying within three months of each other in early 2015. They lived through an extraordinary era in British history that this website seeks to document.


An extraordinary man from an extraordinary time

Geoffrey was my dad. He was exceptionally creative and knowledgeable. He was a pioneer in the field of behaviour in organizations in the 1970's. As a social scientist he kept everything; letters, photo's, receipts and invoices. They form an extraordinarily detailed insight into everyday life in the UK from the 1930's to the 2000's. Coming across all of it after his death in April 2015 gave me the idea for this website.

I hope you enjoy his testaments and documents and find them historically useful, as I do. See below for copyright details and for getting in touch.