Belgium and Germany 1954 | British tourist post war

It must have been very unusual for Britons to want to go on holiday to Germany in 1954, but Geoff had enjoyed cultural friendships and events during his time there. He wanted to go back to some of the places, taking his wife Jean. He had had also liked the Belgians that he met, and included some Belgian towns in his itinerary.

Here are some of the holiday brochures. I have copied part of each. Belgium first, following their itinerary.



dinant 2


dinant 3



dinant 4




dinant lautre


dinant 1


dinant 2


dinant 3







ardenne 1


ardenne 2


ardenne 3







neckartal 1


neckartal 2






1954 brochure


1954 brochure 10001

1954 brochure 3





He loved wines and was a connoisseur from an early is the whole of the catalogue from this winery...

jung sohne


jung sohne 1


jung sohne 2


jung sohne 3

 jung sohne 4


jung sohne 5






rhineland 1


rhineland 2


rhineland 3

rhineland 4


rhineland 6


rhineland 7


rhineland 8


rhineland 9








koblenz 2


koblenz 3